Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict

The Third International Symposium on Crusade Studies
Saint Louis University
28 February - 1 March 2014

A Crusader

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Conference Program

Book exhibits, registration, and coffee service are located in Busch Student Center 253


FRIDAY, February 28, 2014

8:00-9:00        Registration & Breakfast
Busch Student Center 253

9:00-10:30      Crusade Images
Busch Student Center 352
Presider: Debra Cashion, Saint Louis University

Mirrored Images: The Crucifixion and the First Crusade in a Fourteenth-Century Parisian Illuminated Manuscript (BnF fr. 352)
Susanna Throop, Ursinus College

The First Crusade as seen from West Sussex: The Program of Mural Paintings at Hardham
Elizabeth Lapina, University of Wisconsin – Madison

The Impact of Crusader Patrons on Twelfth-century Visual Culture in Berry
Gil Fishhof, Tel Aviv University

9:00-10:30      Crusading in the Byzantine World
Busch Student Center 353
Presider: Philip Mazero, Saint Louis University

Schismatics and Crusaders: The Role of Innocent II's Condemnation of John Comnenus in the History of Byzantine and Papal Relations with Latin Antioch
Richard Allington, Saint Louis University

Gabriel of Melitine: Greek Ally or Small-time Despot?
Sharan Newman, Independent scholar

Crusader Constantinople: Gateway to the Mongol World
John Giebfried, Saint Louis University

10:30-10:45    Coffee

10:45-12:30    Plenary Lecture I
                        Pere Marquette Gallery. DuBourg Hall

Presider: Thomas F. Madden, Saint Louis University

A Return to Montfort - Renewed Excavations at the Principal Teutonic Castle in the Latin East
Adrian Boas, University of Haifa

12:30-1:45      Lunch
                        Saint Louis Room, Busch Student Center

2:00-3:30        The Written Word in the Latin East
Busch Student Center 352
Presider: Benjamin Haliburton, Saint Louis University
De antiquis exempla sumamus: Classical Culture in the Twelfth-Century Latin East
Julian Yolles, Harvard University

Reframing the Pullani: Philip of Novara’s Estoire
Christopher Rose, Fordham University

The Roman Lex Aquilia in the Burgess Assizes of Jerusalem
Adam Bishop, Independent Scholar

2:00-3:30        Crossing Religious Boundaries
Busch Student Center 353
Philip Koski, Saint Louis University

The Representation of Muslims in the Anonymous Gesta Francorum and its Derivatives
Yan Bourke, Trinity College, Dublin

Ecumenical Mysticism and a Re-Consideration of Conversion in the Crusading Near East
Uri Shachar, University of Chicago

Religion and Conflict: Investigating the Role of Relics and Holy Sites in the Religiously Diverse Society of Crusader Famagusta, Cyprus
Tomasz Borowski, University of Reading

3:30-4:00        Coffee

4:00-5:30        ROUNDTABLE: Teaching the Crusades with Role-Playing: Reacting to the Past's "The Second Crusade: The War Council at Acre, 1148"
Busch Student Center 352
Presider: Jennifer Popiel, Saint Louis University

Martina Saltamacchia, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Susanna Throop, Ursinus College
Shane Cavlovic, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Catherine Eberly, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Matthew Kennedy, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Thomas Qualters, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Andrea Schemehorn, University of Nebraska at Omaha

4:00-5:30        Encounters in the Latin East
Busch Student Center 254
Presider: John Lomax, Ohio Northern University

The Political Role of Tibnīn (Toron) and Its Crusader Rulers in the Latin East (1105-1187 AD/ 498-583 AH)
Ahmed Mohamed M. Sheir, Goettingen University - Damanhour University

Scant Water: Dehydration and Culmination at the Battle of Hattin
Robert Connor, Triton College

4:00-5:30        Re-examining Chronicles
Busch Student Center 353
Presider: Burnam Reynolds, Asbury University

Salvaging a First Crusade History from the Jaws of Literature? New Observations on the Neglected Hatton 77 Manuscript
Simon T. Parsons, Royal Holloway, University of London

Pagans, Saints and War Criminals: Direct Speech as a Sign of Liminal Interchanges in Latin Chronicles of the Baltic Crusades
Rasa Mazeika, New College, University of Toronto

The Lion in the East: Arnold of Lübeck, Otto IV, and the Welf Crusading Past
Nicholas L. Paul, Fordham University

5:30-7:00        Wine Reception
                        Sinquefield Stateroom. DuBourg Hall.


SATURDAY, March 1, 2014

8:00-9:00        Registration & Breakfast
                        Busch Student Center 253

9:00-10:30      Muslim Perspectives
                        Busch Student Center 352
Presider: Luke Yarbrough, Saint Louis University

Muslim Response to the Crusades: Development of Arabic Literature during the Crusade Period
Muhammad Yaseen Gada, Aligarh Muslim University

King Louis IX's Second Crusade: The View from Tunis
Michael Lower, University of Minnesota

Salibiyya to the End
Mona Jahama, University of Jordan

9:00-10:30      The Architecture of the Military Orders
                        Busch Student Center 353
Presider: Anne Romine, Saint Louis University

The Militiae and the Memory of the East - Toponymy and Military Architecture in the Center of Portugal in the Twelfth and Thirteenth Centuries
Nuno Villamariz Oliveira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

The Religious Architecture of the Order of the Temple in the Western Mediterranean and the Influence of the Crusades: The Portuguese Case
Catarina Villamariz, Universidade Nova de Lisboa

10:30-10:45    Coffee

10:45-12:30    Plenary Lecture II
                        Pere Marquette Gallery. DuBourg Hall.

Presider: Thomas F. Madden, Saint Louis University

Accounting for the Crusade: Faith, Facts and Figures
Christopher Tyerman, Oxford University

12:30-1:45      Lunch
                        Saint Louis Room. Busch Student Center.

2:00-3:30        Depicting the Crusades
                        Busch Student Center 352
Presider: M. Cecilia Gaposchkin, Dartmouth College

The Church of the Nativity and “Crusader” Kingship
Lisa Mahoney, DePaul University

Signs of Leadership: Buildings of Jerusalem in a Crusader Relief
Cathleen A. Fleck, Saint Louis University

Jean de Vignay and the Hospitallers of the Order of St. James Altopascio: Crusading Pretentions of a Non-Crusading Order?
Maureen Quigley, University of Missouri, St. Louis

2:00-3:30        Crusading in Iberia
Busch Student Center 353
Presider: Sam Zeno Conedera, Santa Clara University
Arnau Amalric and the Significance of Poblet for a Crusading Career
Phil Koski, Saint Louis University

“Ut placeat Deo et hominibus”: The Foundation of Plasencia and the Frontiers of Christendom
Kyle Lincoln, Saint Louis University

Cantigas de Santa Maria, Cantigas de Cruzada: Reflections of Crusading Spirituality in Alfonso X’s Cantigas de Santa Maria
Ted Holt, Saint Louis University

3:30-4:00        Coffee

4:00-5:30        Last Things
                        Busch Student Center 254
Presider: Vincent T. Ryan, Aquinas College

A Tale of Two Kings: Crusading in the Life of St. Ignatius Loyola
Sam Conedera, Santa Clara University

The Antichrist and the Decline of the Crusades
Charles W. Connell, Northern Arizona University

4:00-5:30        Preaching and Liturgy
Busch Student Center 352 
Presider: Thomas F. Madden, Saint Louis University

Beyond Model Sermons: Crusade Preaching and Sermons for Palm Sunday and Good Friday
Jessalynn Bird, Independent Scholar

Sacred Texts, Sacred Contexts: The Liturgy of the Cross and the Development of Early Crusade Ideology
Cecilia Gaposchkin, Dartmouth College

The Typology of the Cross in Crusade Preaching
C. Matthew Phillips, Concordia University, Nebraska

4:00-5:30        The Crusade Enterprise
Busch Student Center 353
Presider: Daniel Webb, Saint Louis University

“Crucem portare post Jesum”: Descriptions of Count Hugh of Troyes’ Jerusalem expedition, 1114-1116
James Doherty, Lancaster University

Baltic Peregrini: A New Version of Crusade Pilgrimage?
Burnam W. Reynolds, Asbury University

Crusade as Contract
John Philip Lomax, Ohio Northern University

6:00-9:00        Cocktail Hour and Banquet (Prior registration required.)
                        Sinquefield Stateroom. DuBourg Hall.