Crusades: Medieval Worlds in Conflict

The Second International Symposium on Crusade Studies
Saint Louis University
17-20 February 2010

A Crusader

2010 Symposium Picture Gallery


Phase I Public Lectures



Dr. Marina Rustow, Emory Univeristy, lectures.





Helpful grad students, Andrew Jones (left) and Phil Constantine (right)


Dr. Ronnie Ellenblum, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, lectures


Perusing the book exhibit





Dr. Suleiman Mourad, Smith College, lectures.


Phase II Final Banquet

Thomas Madden (left) and Suleiman Mourad (right) enjoy a drink and conversation.


Alan Murray, University of Leeds, (left) and Jonathan Phillips, University of London, (right) belly up to the bar.


Overworked grad students, Phil Mazero (left) and Ben Haliburton (right) enjoy some down time.